Introducing A Dash Of Fash

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 at 10:56 am

Iris Dijkers is the girl behind A Dash Of Fash, a fashion blog filled with quirky outfits, colourful interiors, inspiring trips, career advice, and whatever else makes Iris happy. The Netherlands-based blogger spills all on her ultimate summer essentials and 7 For All Mankind denim favourites.

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Iris wearing the 7 For All Mankind Charlize flare jeans

What's the inspiration behind A Dash Of Fash?

I’m inspired by so many things, but I first started out with A Dash Of Fash because I wanted a fun and creative project to work on. I worked as a part-time graphic designer and needed a new creative outlet.

I love inspiring people and really enjoy styling looks, which I didn’t have any experience in previously. When I first started my blog I also posted a lot of illustrations, but they take up a lot of time to make, which I unfortunately don’t have right now. I am planning to get back into this though, so stay tuned! I also get really inspired by meeting new people and going to new places — it keeps the mind sharp!

How do you keep your Instagram feed fresh and inspiring?

I travel a lot and visiting fun places always helps! Other than that it’s just trying out new things all the time, like photographing from new angles or trying a new editing app.

Can you describe your personal style in 3 words?

Fun, fashion-forward and versatile.

Who is your ultimate style icon and why?

I actually have two: Mira Duma and Alexa Chung. I love Mira for continuously reinventing her own look and Alexa for sticking to her signature look: very British and retro inspired.

We've noticed that you wear a lot of denim. What's your favorite denim style and why?

Right now I really love cropped jeans because they’re so versatile. You can wear them in a chic way with a blazer and loafers, or more laid-back with a sweater and trainers.

A Dash of Fash Flared Jeans

 What are your fashion essentials for this summer?

 I’ve seen so many good shoes this summer! Loafers & sling-backs are my favorite right now. I also love wearing sunglasses and owning a few pretty ones is essential to any summer wardrobe – they can really make a look. I’m also really into the ruffles and drop-shoulder trend, so fun and summery! The weather in the Netherlands isn’t very good right now, so typing this really makes me long for sunny days!

What does Amsterdam mean to you? Where should we hang out on the weekend?

Home! I’ve actually never lived in Amsterdam, I live really close-by in a city called Haarlem, which is just a 15-minute train ride away. I’m in Amsterdam a lot and I always feel so at home whenever I’m there. The atmosphere is really laid-back and chilled. I would definitely recommend hanging out at Coffee & Coconuts or Pllek for a coffee & lunch. Coffee & Coconuts is really light & filled with plants, while Pllek in Amsterdam Noord has a more industrial feel to it. Pllek also has a little beach as it’s near the water. If it’s really hot outside I would definitely go for a picnic in one of the many parks!

Can you name your favorite flares moments in history?

 I really love the iconic image of Farah Fawcett on a skateboard wearing flares. She looks so effortless and that look would totally work today.

Farrah Fawcett Skateboard

What do you love about the 7 For All Mankind Charlize Flare jeans?

The raw cut hem makes them different from any other pair of flares I’ve seen. They’re retro and on trend at the same time!

How would you style the Charlize Flare for…

…A music festival: a cool band T-shirt, a bandana, a pair of round sunglasses and some comfy trainers.

…A date: a simple blazer, a pretty shirt or body, a silk scarf, a little handbag and a pair of fun loafers.

…A shopping trip in LA: a drop shoulder blouse, mirrored sunglasses, comfy sandals and a pretty bag big enough to fit all those future purchases.

A Dash of Fash 3

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