Meet our Coachella Girls on the #7famLAroadtrip

Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 at 3:44 pm

Do you want to know what happened at Coachella, and which new festival trends were spotted in California?

Our Coachella girls, Anni, Jana and Masha, will give you the lowdown on their #7famLAroadtrip.

Group 7FAM_5Image by Lina Tesch

With the summer season around the corner, and our minds filled with dreams of festival dressing, we got three of our favourite fashion bloggers to give you a full insight into the queen of all festivals: Coachella.

What do you pack? How do you become a festival style guru? And what's so special about Coachella? We have all the answers to our burning questions, plus more valuable tips from Anni from Fashion Hippie Loves, Jana from Bekleidet and Masha Sedgwick.

ANNIE_patchImages by Lina Tesch showing Anni from Fashion Hippie Loves wearing the A-Line Skirt and Cropped Jacket.

How did you prepare for the festival?

Anni: The prep is essential if you're planning to go to Coachella. From the outfits to accessories and sun screen, everything needs to fit into one suitcase. Usually I already plan my whole outfit in the minutest detail at home — I combine everything until I've found the perfect look for myself.

Key accessories such as sunglasses, a hat and festival appropriate shoes are a must for me. As for the accessories, I took something very special with me. Masha, Jana and I had the opportunity to design our own jewellery collection with delicate chains and rings with arrow and moon shapes. These pieces were the perfect finishing touch to my outfits.

MASHA_patchImages by Lina Tesch showing Masha Sedgewick wearing the white Cropped Overall

What do you recommend to do during the festival, any tips?

Masha: If you don't mind spending a bit of time waiting it's so worth taking a ride on the big ferris wheel to see the festival grounds from the top — ideally do this at sunset as it would be super Instagramable! And in all the festival excitement it's important to not lose sight of — the MUSIC! Many live acts at Coachella instantly get you into party mood and you can just throw yourself into the unique atmosphere.

JANA_patchImages by Lina Tesch showing Jana from Bekleidet wearing the Josie Cropped Jeans

What's your first impression of Coachella?

Jana: My first impression?? I've never seen so many beautiful people in one place! The festival was quite crowded compared to last year — you definitely need to like being close to people – but that's all part of the festival experience. The atmosphere was super chilled and I was impressed by the line-up.

How would you describe the Coachella fashion style?

All: Like in the last few years, you mostly see hippie and desert chic inspired outfits mixed with current trends like bandanas and off-the-shoulder tops. Even lace looks are still around! Also, there's probably no other place where you can see so many unusual and different shapes of sunglasses! In general, there are no fixed rules for the outfit choice. Of course you always have to feel comfortable with what you're wearing. That means for us… always stay true to your own style and style the festival must-haves in your own authentic way.

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