Easter Break

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Enjoy the long weekend travelling to Europe's secret towns.


Image by Asher World Turns

 For most of us bank holidays are completely insane. A few days off and the diary is filled with dinner dates or trips across town to see friends and family. All too often, it can become a bit random. The long weekend turns into time to do everything and see everyone while finding a slot to kick back at home in your favourite denim. Sometimes a trip away with no teeming crowds is just what you need. Here at 7FAM we have selected our favourite hidden towns in Europe, where a mixture of local culture, adventure and seclusion make it easy to truly escape over the Easter holidays.

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Image by @ColinOffland

Ittoqqortoormiit is a small town in Greenland with a vast landscape dominated by polar bears, reindeers and birds. Getting to the glacial town is an adventure in itself as it can only be reached by taking a one-flight-a-week plane from Iceland. Discover the wildlife or kayak across the chilly Walrus Bay beach to experience the immerse beauty of Ittoqqortoormiit.


Image @ElianaBelloni

If you seek a chance to experience Malta, visit the colourful fishing village of Marsaxlokk. Famous for its Sunday fish market, the locals cook fresh catch sold in a host of tasty restaurants. Opt for a trip to St. Peter's pool for a quite spot of sunbathing or, if you want a bit more adventure, a jump down the cliff of the natural pool.

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Image @TinyFeettt

Located in the middle of the Alpine lake, Bled is a small island known for being an oasis of peace. Take a tranquil hike around the 2000km path that winds across the lake before tasting some Potica — a traditional nut roll pastry. The romantic charm of the idyllic island makes it a popular destination for couples who tend to ring the island's wishing bell in the hopes of everlasting love and prosperity.

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Image by @KarinaMoraes01

Interested in a hot air balloon excursion? Look no further than the honey-coloured village of Goereme. Hidden in the crux of ancient rocks sculpted by erosion are boutique hotels leading up the winding roads where elderly ladies knit on sunny tops. A trip to the Open-Air museum will unlock tales of Byzantine life in the Turkish storybook landscape.

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Image by @SennaRelax

Colourful houses sit atop a cliff welcoming you to the Italian town of Manarola. As night falls take in the romantic display of lights while sipping sweet Sciacchetra wine. By day jump off the harbour cliffs and discover a bay full of fish in the clear blue sea.