Denim Horoscope

Posted on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 3:50 pm


Fresh for the New Year, we thought we'd catch up on our horoscopes here at 7 For All Mankind HQ, matching each star sign with a pair of jeans that best suit each zodiac. Check it out and see if you get inspired to try something new for 2015 (and take advantage of our amazing sale):


The Aquarius is the nonconformist sign of the Zodiac. You hate feeling tied down — so match your free soul, hippie nature with the Kimmie Bootcut ‘A Pocket' Twilight Indigo.


As a creative with an intuition like no other, your sign has a taste for the unique. The Josie Leather Patched with Studs jeans fit your sign — the lovechild of the exclusive 7 For All Mankind and HTC collaboration, it's a perfect limited edition piece for refined tastes.


Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac. An innovative force drives you: a quality that's pretty difficult to master. You're a bit of a rebel, and what works better for rebels than Leather?


The Taurus is quite moderate and traditional, who tends to do things slowly but well done. The denim that would best fit your patient, easy going star sign is the Straight Leg Slim Illusion jean.


Gemini is a very charming sign, while also being quite cryptic. You are known to be eclectic and curious, with a hunger of knowledge. Try the double-faced Skinny Winter Flowers Jacquard to represent your double-faced personality



Cancer is an extremely sensible sign. Strongly tied to your family and friends, you live a very peaceful life — the perfect match for our Relaxed Skinny Genuine Medium Indigo.


Leos are very elegant, and your natural charm often leads you to positions of authority. Your perfect denim fit is the Knee Seam Skinny Crackle Leather Like Cognac, which will put you in the centre of attention — which some might suggest is your favourite place to be.


The Virgo is one of the most serious and reliable signs in the Zodiac. You have great attention to detail, so try accentuating your classic and understated style with the Knee Seam Skinny Leather Like Black.

7fam flowers


Searching for equilibrium in all activities, the Libra has a very strong sense for aesthetic; giving a lot of importance to design and quality. Coupled with your attraction to everything that is beautiful, the Skinny with Contour Roses could be your perfect fit.


The Scorpio is traditionally a very mysterious and charming person. You rarely reveal what goes on in your mind. The Tapered Chino Black denim is the right style to match your zodiac — understated, without giving too much away.


Friendly and positive, the Sagittarius loves venturing to unexplored places. With your love of travelling, your passion for discovery can take you to far-flung places — the Skinny Moto White Combo jean would be your ideal travel companion.


Governed by Saturn, the planet that represents rigor and perseverance, a Capricorn is someone who clearly knows their objectives — the Skinny Indigo Brocade jean might just make the perfect accompaniment to your hard work and endeavours.