Top 5 European Architecture & Design Hotspots

Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 9:13 am


Here at 7 For All Mankind, when we have a spare minute or two, we like to turn our attention to interiors, architecture and design. This week, we've been fawning over the likes of Pierre Koenig's Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills, iconic furniture designers such as Charles Eames, and Scandinavian design (because let's be honest, no one does modern design better!). So here's a rundown of our Top 5 Design Inspiration Spots in Europe for you to add to that ever expanding ‘To Do' list.


One of the most exciting places to experience art in Europe is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which brings together the unlikely combination of the stunning Yorkshire Dales, with its rolling hills and roaming sheep, and some of the most exciting contemporary artists and sculptors in the world. You'll find sheep wandering the fields with words sprayed onto their wool, while the trees and forest floors are made into works of living art. Recent exhibitions include Ai Wei Wei, Roger Hiorns, and Martin Creed. Spend a day wandering the vast open space, picnic amongst the sheep, and enjoy the scenery!


We'd be getting it wrong if we didn't mention Scandinavia in a design guide, so here's our pick. While Sweden is littered with incredible galleries, museums and architecture, our dream holiday would consist of retreating to this beautiful haven hidden in the forests of Swedish Lapland. With 8 ‘treerooms' to choose from (book in advance because there's a guaranteed waiting list!) these eco-friendly beautiful modern structures will be like nowhere you've ever stayed before.


Located in the hip Kreuzberg neighbourhood in Berlin is the unique ‘swimming pool' that is Badeschiff. Combining a swimming pool, beach, barbeque, and in true Berlin style, a place to dance, Badeschiff floats idyllically in the River Spree with a perfect view of the city. You can hop in and out of the pool, sunbathe on the bank, or party on the pier. Whatever you do, you're in for a LOT of fun!


If you're a fan of design, then Milan's Triennale Di Milano is a must-see. The Triennale, surrounded by a beautiful garden and located in the Palace of Art, offers the perfect location in which to browse Italian art, design, graphics and contemporary designers. Spend a day roaming the grounds and through both their temporary and permanent collections, you'll be sure to get a hit of inspiration!


There's no doubt that if you enjoy design, you'll probably want to own some too, and for us, the RA in Antwerp is our favourite place to revel in and purchase great pieces. Opened in 2009, RA has been the go-to spot for absorbing design culture, and with it being a fashion retail concept store, café restaurant, art gallery space and curated bookstore, all rolled into one, it's understandable why. RA specifically support designers from Belgium, and with a flourishing design culture, it's bound to have something covetable!